Oil changes aren’t the only important fluid-related service that you should take care of at our Chrysler dealership service center. However, you shouldn’t feel lost about any aspect of car care because our experts are here to shed some light on the situation. 

Common vehicle fluid services:

Oil change: The most common, and frequently needed, vehicle service is an oil change. This should be done by the professionals at least three times a year or every 3,000 miles. This fluid is essential for lubricating the powertrain so your car can run its best.

Radiator Fluid: This fluid is also known as coolant or antifreeze. It’s a big red flag if your car is running low on this fluid. You could be experiencing transmission or engine issues, and we certainly don’t want your car to overheat! You should take low or leaking fluid levels seriously when it comes to the coolant.

Brake fluid check: This can often be done with other brake and wheel-related services. Essentially, brake fluid keeps your brake pads lubricated and working easily, and problems with your brake fluid could be incredibly dangerous.

Transmission fluid check: This is a rarer service, but in the event that your car is having transmission issues – like struggling to shift up or down into a different gear – then we may need to check your transmission fluid. 

Not only do these services increase vehicle safety and efficiency, but they also promote a longer car lifespan and reduce the cost of repairs over time. To find us, WI residents can search for car lots near me online. We look forward to getting y2our car in good running shape soon.