Once a year, many Americans receive a lovely lump sum of money, also known as a tax refund. We think such an opportunity is perfect for making an investment, like purchasing the new car, truck, or SUV you really need for day-to-day transportation. If you live in the greater Stoughton, WI area and searching for a “car dealership near me,” Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Stoughton is your premier choice to use your recently acquired funds.

There are two directions you might choose to go to use your tax refund—you can put it toward a down payment on a new car or spread it out over the monthly payments.

If you go the route of the first option, you’ll really get a leg up on the financing process with a substantial down payment. The down payment helps lower the principal and even helps you save money on interest in the long run.

And if you’re shopping for something a little less new, our used car lot has everything you need in that regard. Depending on your budget and the mileage, year, condition, and vehicle type, you might be able to completely pay for your new car and not worry about financing at all! We’re happy to crunch the numbers for you and help you figure out the option that serves you best.

We hope you choose to work with us and allow us to help you maximize those tax refund dollars. We want to create a completely personal experience for every customer we meet, so visit our Dodge dealers in Wisconsin to get started today!