How many miles have you put on the same set of tires? Have you rotated them recently? Or checked their inflation levels? These questions and many others you should be asking yourself in regards to the safety of yourself and your family on the road this back to school season. If you’ve been neglecting routine tire care, or neglecting your tires altogether, this is your not-so-subtle reminder. 

In order to have optimum efficiency and long-lasting tires, you need to have your tires rotated several times a year. An alignment check and brake check may also help ensure your tires are wearing evenly. Proper inflation is also important to tire safety, so we’d be happy to help you determine the right pressure and get them inflated properly. 

When your tread is low enough to fail the penny test (when you put a penny in the groove and you can see Lincoln’s whole head), then you definitely need new tires altogether. 

Well-maintained tires are not only safer, but they’re more efficient too. A better tread results in a better grip on the road, making you less likely to hydroplane or have trouble stopping in an emergency. Tires can be a little pricey, but we offer frequent specials to save room in the budget. 

Our new tire inventory includes many different brands and types. Some are more performance-oriented and some are for particular seasons. Depending on the specific model and your driving habits, we can make some recommendations. We have a variety of other genuine Chrysler car parts, and we have the means to assist with repairs and other routine maintenance. 

Visit our Jeep® dealership service center in Stoughton today. We can help you find exactly the tires you need.