In the middle of the summer, it’s probably the worst time for your air conditioning to suddenly stop working. If you’ve got that baby set to max cool with the fan on high and all you’re getting is disappointingly warm air, you can tell something is not right. Don’t sweat another moment; if you bring your car to our dealership, we can get to the bottom of your AC issue in no time.

There are four top reasons why your air conditioning might not be working:

  1. Maybe it needs to be charged. Essentially, the way an air conditioner works is by using pressure to make the air cool. If your car isn’t creating the right amount of pressure, it could be due to the refrigerant level being too low and it just needs a few minor adjustments to be working perfectly again.
  2. Maybe the condenser or radiator isn’t working properly. There are quite a few reasons why this could happen, especially if your car is high mileage. However, don’t fret because none of this is outside the realm of what our Jeep dealership service professionals can handle.
  3. Maybe a filter or a hose is clogged. It could be your cabin filter or another component of the AC system that has collected leaves or other debris from the cabin or the road. This is usually an easy fix.
  4. Maybe it has sprung a leak. Lastly, your car could be leaking refrigerant fluid. As we already noted, no refrigerant fluid equals no cold air. If there’s a leak, we may need to replace the hose to ensure it doesn’t continue leaking in the future.

Overall, a broken AC is totally manageable, so we encourage you to simply come and get it taken care of. If you are local to Stoughton, WI, you can search for a “Chrysler dealership near me” to find us.