At our Stoughton, WI car dealership, we want to make sure our customers understand everything there is to know about the car buying process and aren’t being led astray by rumors or common car buying myths. If you’re a first-time car buyer, we hope this information helps you out.

Myth 1: Paying cash will get you a better deal.

False. We offer many Chrysler, RAM, Dodge, and Jeep deals every month, but those don’t depend on your method of payment.

Myth 2: Special ordering a vehicle will cost more money.

False. The MSRP price stands, even if we have a vehicle made just for you. The only difference would be in a possible vehicle delivery charge.

Myth 3: You have to get your car serviced at the dealership you bought it from.

False. We service all makes and models at our service center, not just the specific vehicles that we have sold.

Myth 4: You should withhold information about your trade.

False. We offer vehicle trade-in amounts based on vehicle value. Waiting to tell us about a trade will only waste time; it will not change the prices.

Myth 5: It’s always better to bring your own financing.

False. We have different lenders we can recommend, and you can take the time to shop around if you wish. Many of our specials can even help you get a lower APR.

Myth 6: You should buy at the end of month, end of day, or on a rainy day.

False. Our sales professionals offer great pricing every day; they don’t lower the prices on slow days or at certain times. We’re devoted to helping you find your perfect vehicle and the best-suited price.

To learn more, contact our RAM dealers as soon as today! We look forward to being your trusted Dodge dealership near Madison, WI.