Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost upon us? Thick cuts of turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes, and scrumptious pumpkin pie are just a few weeks away. Don’t cut your family time short to rush out for a Black Friday deal on your next new car – enjoy that special pricing all month long with our team in Stoughton, WI.

As we continue on into November, our specials are going just keep getting better and better. We’ll welcome you into the family with our Employee Pricing Plus deals at the Black Friday Sales Event. Right now our 2019 RAM Ecodiesel models are available for up to 30% off MSRP for that special someone on your Christmas list.

And don’t skip over those pre-owned models. Out of all of the used car lots around, we’ve got a huge selection – even including motorcycles from time to time. We have many models available under $10K, too, so you’ll still have plenty of room in your holiday budget. 

Now is the perfect time to buy because winter can be tough on vehicles. Why invest in new tires or repairs in your current car if you’re due for an upgrade soon anyway? However, even our service is a good deal – buy three tires and get your fourth for $1, as an example. 

Call or come back to chat more about our current Black Friday Month Specials. And make sure you ask about our “buy today and get oil for life” program. You don’t want to miss out! Those drivers in Stoughton can search for “car lots near me,” and they’ll find us. We can’t wait to celebrate turkey day and every day with you!